Mazedom Launches Popular Keyword Domain Tool

We have recently launched a new tool to help identify and snap the best domains based on popular keywords. It works with popular generic top level domains, such as: com, net, org, info and country based domain

The list with popular keyword can be exported from Google Adwords keyword tool, and then it is imported in our tool. The list can be filtered for maximum number of words. More info about usage can be found on Instructions page.

After recent Panda and Penguin Google algorithm updates for over-optimization, websites who used repetitive anchor texts for incoming links were penalized. Here comes the advantage of a keyword stuffed domain name: Every incoming link will have the main optimization keywords as anchor, so you do not need to worry anymore about adding the right anchor or not over-using it.

Having a keyword stuffed domain does not guarantee your success, but having one will help you get there faster.

Here is an example of the tool results: